Peg and Whistle Books

Peg and Whistle Books

Guilty M'Lud

Guilty M'Lud! The Criminal History of Northamptonshire

by Richard Cowley

Northamptonshire is rich in historical criminal activity, and the documents that record it. Using these, Richard Cowley has written a fascinating and comprehensive picture of the murkier doings of our county ancestors.

Price : £16.95 plus £1.05 postage and packing - total £18.00

ISBN 0 9534095 0 3


Policing EOKA: The United Kingdom Police Unit to Cyprus 1955-1960

by Richard Cowley
ISBN 0 9534095 1 1
The EOKA campaign in Cyprus from 1955 to 1960 is well known, but what is not appreciated so much is that the British armed forces on the island were supplemented by a contingent of British 'Bobbies' - both men and women - more used to dealing with road accidents and petty crime rather than armed insurgency!

Price £12.00 inclusive of postage and packing

Being published in 2010 :
Policing Northamptonshire 1836-2010
Outrage and Murder! 800 years of criminal homicide and judicial execution in Northamptonshire

Hooded Lion Books

Hooded Lion Books

Who's buried where?

Who's Buried Where in Northamptonshire

A fascinating glimpse into the lives of men and women, either of national importance, or of purely local significance, whose final resting place is in Northamptonshire.

Price £13.95 plus £1.05 postage and packing - total £15.00

by Richard Cowley

ISBN 0 9537037 1 1

Lets go to the pictures

Let's go to the Pictures. A Hundred years of Cinemas in Kettering

In their heyday, Kettering cinemas provided over 5,000 seats. This story of the 100 years of the cinemas of Kettering is not a lament to their loss, but a celebration of their existence.

Price £16.95 plus £1.05 postage and packing - total £18.00

by Maurice Thornton

ISBN 0 95370372 2 X

The Top School

The 'Top School' The First 100 years of the Finedon Mulso School 1900-2000

This book is a treasure trove of memories, especially to those Finedon families whose children have attended the school for the 100 years of its history.

Price £15.00 plus £1.00 postage and packing - total £16.00

by Rosemary Pearson

ISBN 0 9537037 3 8

Being published soon :

Who Was Born Where in Northamptonshire

Twin Pillars

Twin Pillars Books

Beyond the five points

Beyond the Five Points : Masonic Winners of The Victoria Cross and The George Cross

Of the winners of The Victoria Cross and The George Cross, 118 have been Freemasons, including Phillip R. S. May, who died before completion of this, his life's work. Completed and edited by Richard Cowley, this will be of interest to the general reader and not just to Masonic and military historians.

Price £30.00 plus £6.00 postage and packing - total £36.00

by Philip R. S. May, GC

ISBN 0 9541271 0 2

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